Landscape Paintings

Much of my work is informed by childhood memories of farm life. At other times, my paintings are inspired by the colors and sights around me.

I describe what I call my landscape paintings as a geography of the heart and mind. I try to capture a sense of place.

My landscape paintings are not of particular locations. Rather they are abstract or suggested images that bring to mind the countryside and rural areas. Sometimes the landscape scene is viewed head-on as if looking into the distance. At other times the scene is viewed from an aerial perspective, as if seeing from flying miles above the earth, where one can make out suggested fields, lakes, rivers and trees.

Torn painted paper and fabric pieces are placed one against another to form intersections and irregular grids. These could be reminders of my years in Iowa, and now Connecticut, where the rural landscape is plotted square field touching square field. Or the block forms might be seen as abstracted urban landscapes which recall my years of big-city living.

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